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Busking in Burbank - update July 2009
Posted Mar-02-2010 1:11pm by Doug

I have been busking in Burbank now for 72 weeks. It has been one of the great learning experiences of my life – a weekly adventurer that has opened my eyes to the world around me and re-defined who I am as a follower of Jesus Christ.

After finally listening to God and being obedient, I made a kind of half-hearted “deal” with Him. “If you’re really in this Lord and if you will go with me, I will give it a year”. I’m not sure where that came from but a year seamed right in proportion to what He was saying to me at the time. A year to learn, listen and do whatever He asked of me.

Gods grace and presence have filled us in that place and I have tasted the Joy of hearing his sweet voice and proclaiming His great love. Like the hymn says:

I have found the joy no tongue can tell
how its waves of glory roll
it is like a great o’er flowing well
springing up within my soul
it is joy unspeakable and full of glory
oh the half has never yet been told

One recent highlight happened several weeks ago when my wife Teresa joined us one night along with my son Scott and my buddy Jessie. (Like a dream come true for me!) The 4 of us played and sang with all our hearts and attracted some interest but although Teresa enjoyed the evening, she does not feel that this kind of thing is for her. I’m proud of her for at least trying it on and I’m OK with it really, especially since she has found a renewed place in prayer like I have never known. So for now it’s like this – I play on the beach in the sand and the waves while she swims out a bit and dives deep… Later, we lie on the sand in the warm sun together… It’s all good.

Strangely over the last several weeks folks have been unusually disinterested and distant. My year has past and I’m beginning to feel in my heart that my time of busking in Burbank is winding down. I hesitate to move… Perhaps I am wrong? I must admit to some disappointment at the idea. My daily prayer is for fresh vision and direction and the deepest longing of my heart is to know His heart and be used by Him. To hear his voice and do what he says.

Overwhelmingly loved,

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