All the candles I could never hold to
All the mountains I can't climb
All the rivers rushing to the ocean run dry
All the lies that I have ever told you
All the dreams I can't recall
Lost and gone, lost and gone

All the times I know I should have spoken
All the ones that I passed by
All the words that I never wrote down in a song
All the sins of almost fifty years now
Some still run in my head
There all gone, there all gone

Your blood flow down
On my hands to the ground
Wash me to the bone
Wash me here alone
Wash me

Now the trees I planted by the river
Have grown straight and tall
And the fields that we sowed in the winter are green
And my cup that once was empty now overflows its rim
To the sea, to the sea

Your rain fall down
On my face to the ground
Meet with me in this place
Mercy cover with grace
Cover me