Seize the day and chase the night
Letting go with all your might
Better do what's wrong than fight
That's what it's come to

Nothing left that you won't dare
It's safer here but you're out there
Out of hope too far to care
And I can't change you

But late at night when ghosts are seen
I pray that you're remembering
The innocence Jesus can bring
If we'll surrender
Just surrender

Friends are friends and some are true
But is a friend somebody who
Will let you do the things you do
And not be crying

So play the games and have your fun
But this is real a war's begun
This kind of fighting's never done
Till someone's dying

But when the morning sun comes in
And you're tired of all you've been
I pray you will run to Him
If we'll surrender
Just surrender

Hell is fighting for you
Won't you wave your flag of truce and chose,
Arms that open wide
Raise your hands lay down your pride
And surrender
Just surrender