These Angry Days

These angry days more than a phase no rhyme or rule
All are profane they serve to shame our inner fool
We are afraid to leave the catacombs we’ve made
We live a silent masquerade

Aggressive sons rebellious ones they fight for more
We close our minds we shut the blinds and lock the door
We have no neighbors only strangers on our streets
We have become the found elites

But if we'll finally just get quiet
Convince ourselves to try it
And set aside a place where we can kneel
Stop the noise and just be listening
To the pull we’ve been dismissing
Then maybe there’s a chance that God can heal
These angry days, these angry days

I'll come around I'll speak the sound of love anew
No alibis lay down my life to follow through
How will they hear if they don’t see you in my deeds
How will they know if no one speaks

If I remember how I found you
And how everyone around knew
Just how far you had to come to take me home
I would live life more intently
Letting every day you’ve lent me
Be for others trying to face these days alone
These angry days, these angry days
These angry days, these angry days